Microsoft will make its experimental HoloLens headset, a battery-operated Windows computer that displays 3D CG objects, available in 2016 – but only for software developers.

HoloLens Soft-Launch

In the first quarter of 2016, software developers will get the opportunity to purchase a HoloLens headset for $3,000, reported Popular Science. Interested developers can now sign-up for a chance to get the headset, though Microsoft will ultimately choose who can purchase them.

As of yet, it’s unknown how many developers the tech company plans to select for the product soft launch.

By limiting the soft-launch to only developers – and only on an invite-only basis – Microsoft is departing from the protocol followed by the launches of wearables Google Glass and Oculus Rift.

Microsoft Windows and Devices executive vice president Terry Myerson believes that HoloLens has the potential to better its rivals in terms of its variety of experiences. “Whether it’s for productivity, health care, design, or entertainment, HoloLens creates experiences that aren’t possible on any other device, or any other platform,” Myerson said on Tuesday.

One crucial feature that sets the HoloLens apart from other similar devises is that it is fully untethered to any other device.

In addition to the HoloLens, Microsoft is working on the launch of the Oculus VR headset with Facebook. The device is expected to ship in 2016 with a Microsoft Xbox and Xbox controller.

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