Mickey Rourke was spotted out and about in Los Angeles with his Pomeranian pup named #1.


Rourke was wearing clothes of his typical eccentric style, in which he mixes masculine and feminine pieces. He paired his signature ripped skinny jeans with a Louis Vuitton purse and camouflage boots. He was of course sporting his belt buckle that reads ‘Guapo Siempre’ in honor of his beloved chihuahua that passed away.

The piece that may look off is his choice of wig. The 62-year-old Oscar nominee was wearing a gray wig on top of his usual garb.

TMZ recently caught up with Rourke, who showed anger toward University of Oklahoma football player Joe Mixon, a tape of whom was recently released of him punching a female student hard enough to knock her out cold. “Anybody that puts his hands on a girl, you know, there’s gotta be harsh consequences I think,” the star said. “I think they should just let the girlfriend’s boyfriend… take care of it like that… It can be forgotten, I don’t think it can be forgiven.”

#1 mafiaso

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