The Michigan Wolverines and the Louisville Cardinals defeated Syracuse and Wichita State, respectively, to earn berths into the NCAA men’s basketball championship game.

Both Final Four games took place on Saturday at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. The first game of the night was 1-seed Louisville versus 9-seed Wichita State. Although the underdog squad led the Cardinals for the majority of the game, they found themselves short 72-68 when the final whistle blew. Michigan was on top of the scoreboard in their game against the Orange, and although the Jim Boeheim-led squad threatened to end the game on top, the Wolverines hung on to win it 61-56.

By defeating Syracuse, Michigan crushed the dreams of diehard Big East fans, who will miss the powerhouse basketball teams in their conference going forward. Louisville will soon be heading to the Big 10 with Rutgers, and Syracuse will be off to the ACC. Michigan and Syracuse have comparably very little joint history. The last time the teams have squared off was back in 1978.

Louisville (34-5) is favored to win the championship game over Michigan (31-7) by 4 points. The game will take place at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on Monday at 9:23 PM.

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