Michelle Rodriguez ate a mouse stewed in her own urine on Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

Michelle Rodriguez Ate A Mouse Stewed In Urine

Rodriguez, star of the Fast and Furious franchise, appeared on the extreme survival show this week to hike through Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park, but it wasn’t all climbing and hiking. Rodriguez, 37, and her guide Bear Grylls started to run out of food and water, causing them to turn to their last resort: a mouse…cooked in urine.

“It is actually safe to drink pee, straight from the tap so to speak,” Grylls told the camera after preparing the meal. To be safe, Grylls boiled the mouse in a cup of Rodriguez’s urine, saying that boiling it reduces bacteria.

Rodriguez took the entire meal like a champ, though neither she nor Grylls pretended to enjoy feasting on urine-stewed mouse.

“This is the part I dreaded. Don’t mind trekking for hours in the hot sun, but the mouse — the urine and the mouse — that’s real special, Bear,” Rodriguez said before taking a bite.

After the meal, Grylls revealed that the meal might be the most unsavory thing he’s ever done to survive in the wild, saying, “I finally found the thing that has broken me: mouse and somebody else’s urine — stewed.”

Despite the gross-out moment, Rodriguez said she enjoyed her time on the show, tweeting her thanks to the professional adventurer. “Love you Bear you Rock, Thank You for pushing my limits,” she wrote.

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