Michelle Pfeiffer looked stunning in gold at the premiere of Mother! at the 74th Venice Film Festival.


The actress wore a long, golden gown by Michael Kors, which was reminiscent of gilded chainmail. She bared her arms on the red carpet and had her signature wavy long hair. She paired the dress with dangling gold earrings, black wedge heels and a black and red clutch bag. Shop a similar style here.

Gilded glamour: Michelle Pfeiffer in #MichaelKorsCollection at the Venice Film Festival. #FameFrames

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Pfeiffer stars alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem in Mother!, already receiving critical acclaim. The film, by Darren Aronofsky, is a psychological thriller that follows a the destruction and fear caused by a new mysterious couple coming to a small country town. Comparisons are being made to Rosemary’s Baby, as well as to Aronofsky’s previous works, including Requiem for a DreamStraw Dogs and Antichrist.

Lawrence, who is Aronofsky’s real-life girlfriend, even fractured a rib from acting in the film, and she is receiving rave reviews. “In any other actress’ hands, the role might be too frustratingly passive and timorous to relate to, but Lawrence is so wholly committed that it actually morphs into something far more unusual: a portrait of the trophy wife of a Great Man from the point of view of the trophy, and a deeply sympathetic first-person account of the terrors of being vastly younger and less socially confident than the person you love,” writes Jessica King of The Playlist.

The film hit theaters on September 5. See the trailer below.

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