The Smithsonian Institution houses a portrait of former first lady Michelle Obama, and it’s a popular attraction. It’s such a popular piece, in fact, that it’s been relocated to a larger location in the National Portrait Gallery.


Amy Sherald’s painting of the former First Lady was first shown last month, alongside a portrait of husband Barack Obama that was created by Kehinde Wiley. Approximately 176,000 people visited the Smithsonian Institution last month, which is the biggest number of guests in three years.


As Michelle’s painting has drawn quite a crown, the museum moved her portrait up to the building’s third floor “for a more spacious viewing experience.”

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Earlier this month, a photo of the 2-year-old Parker Curry admiring the Michelle’s portrait went viral. The little girl was awestruck by the former First Lady, believing her to be a queen. Michelle herself took notice of Curry and visited her, inspiring the two to dance together: