First Lady Michelle Obama, freshly slimed at the Kids Choice Awards, made a surprise appearance Tuesday night on The Biggest Loser, NBC's hit weight loss show. As part of the episode in which the contestants get head-to-toe makeovers to match their svelte new figures, Michelle Obama materialized in a video to invite the contestants to visit the White House.

After their makeovers, the contestants were seen waiting in a White House room until the First Lady stepped out to greet them and then … "To be continued." Next week's episode will show Michelle Obama, whose "Let's Move!" initiative is dedicated to solving America's obesity problem through healthier eating and exercise, working out with the contestants. "Can't a first lady get a towel?" she asks in the teaser clip.

NBC executive producter Todd Lubin explained how the First Lady's segment on the show came about. "We shot an episode of The Biggest Loser at the White House in season 8 and had a great experience, so we asked them if we could partner again," Lubin said. "We share a common goal with the First Lady to get people more active and healthy, so both parties felt it was a natural fit to join forces again and inspire people to get moving."

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