In honor of Mother’s Day, Michelle Obama shared an adorable throwback photo of her mother, Marian Robinson.

The photo shows a young Michelle, alongside her older brother Craig Robinson with their mother. Obama shared the photo despite the fact that “it’s impossible for any picture to truly capture what [my] mother, Marian, has meant to [me].”

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The former first lady credits who she is today to her mother. “She completely underestimates her role in who I am. She always says, ‘You came here that way, I just stayed out of your way,'” she said in an interview with Essence. “That’s not how I saw it. My mom is an incredibly intelligent and insightful person about life in general.”

“From the time we could talk, she talked to us endlessly about any and everything with a level of openness and fearlessness that made us believe that we were bright enough to engage with an adult, that we were worthy enough to ask questions and to get really serious answers, ” Obama continued. “And she did it with a level of humor.”

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Son-in-law Barack Obama also shared his appreciation for Robinson this past Mother’s Day. He celebrated her, along with Michelle, in a joint post on Twitter.

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