Former First Lady Michelle Obama made two surprise visits to D.C. high schools this week, one in honor of International Women’s Day.


A group of 14 students were handpicked by their principal Cara Fuller to meet with Obama. The students were expecting to be greeted by DC Public Schools Chancellor Antwan Wilson. “Once she came in, it was an inspirational feeling,” 18-year-old student Alliyah Williams said. “She was so sweet and warm. She was like a mom.”

The school is specifically for disadvantaged students, and carries the motto, “It’s never too late to earn your high school diploma.” Obama spoke with the kids, aged 16 to 23, about everything, from her time in the White House to current political affairs.

“They just asked what her thoughts were on the current president and they were deeply concerned about the rhetoric that has been going around,” said Fuller. “I think she really just wanted a school and a group of students who are typically counted out to know that they themselves are amazing and wonderful and have the talents that they need to be successful.”

On Wednesday, the former First Lady surprised a group of female students at another campus in D.C. in honor of International Women’s Day. She later recounted the event on her Instagram page.

“Celebrating the beauty and diversity of our country on this #InternationalWomensDay with some of the many fierce and promising girls here at D.C.’s Cardozo Education Campus. I loved visiting this school because it tells the American story in so many ways,” she wrote. “Three years ago, Cardozo established its International Academy with only 150 students, but today it boasts nearly 400 who are thriving in and out of the classroom. By embracing young immigrants and their diverse cultures and contributions, Cardozo is a model for our entire country. The girls I met with today are ready to take on the world. We’ve just got to make sure that the world is ready for them.

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