Michele Fitzgerald was crowned the winner of this season’s Survivor: Kaoh Rong during the the show’s season finale on Wednesday.

‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’ Winner Is Michele Fitzgerald

Michele along with Aubry Bracco, Cydney Gillon and Tai Trang, were all left standing as the final four at the start of the finale, leading to the final battle for the Survivor title.

On Day 36, the four started their day by breaking into pairs to strategize. Tai told Aubry, who had been brought in on the Brains team, to get close to Cydney. Yet, Cydney, wanted Michele to go with her to the end, along with Aubry.

The four then faced the reward challenge, which was a relay race involving matching pairs of tiles to find the combination to open a box. The winner would get a meal of steak, vegetables, drinks and a protein bar.

Aubry mixed up her tiles, but managed to get her first individual win in the end. She got the chance to pick someone else to eat with her and she chose Cydney, in the hopes of beating Michele at the next immunity challenge. This angered Michele, encouraging her to ally herself with Tai.

The immunity challenge consisted of running back and forth from platforms in the ocean to obstacles on land — that could only be unlocked with keys from the platforms. Michele took this round and led Aubry to ally herself with Tai — but Tai turned to Michele and Cydney with an agreement to vote out Aubrey.

In the end, Tai went against his word and Cydney went home, leaving only three.

The final three were then told they’d be voting out a jury member, not a tribe member that night. To win the chance to make that decision, they each had to balance on an unstable beam while using a pole to stack blocks on top of one another and Michele won the challenge.

Michele let go of jury member Neal Gottlieb, who had scathing remarks for her.

“I don’t think you stand a chance,” Gottlieb told Michele on his way out.

Finally, for the last round, the jury asked questions of the final three. Michele was instructed to show intelligence, Tai was instructed to display awareness, and Aubry had to show confidence.

In the end, Gottlieb turned out to be wrong as Michele’s answers and impressive wins earned her four votes and the Survivor reward of one million dollars.

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