Michael Vartan still wants an Alias reunion, he revealed in an interview at the premiere of his new series, The Arrangement, which co-stars Josh Henderson, Christine Evangelista and Lexa Doig attended.

However, there’s one caveat.

“I always joke that if they do, they better hurry up, because I’m getting up there in age,” Vartan said. “Running down those hallways, you know, I’m not 30 anymore so… I would definitely be interested, but I haven’t heard anything about it.”

The former Alias star added that if there were to be a reboot of the espionage thriller TV series, he wouldn’t want a new cast to do it.

“I think just personally on a selfish level, how dare they do that show with another cast?” Vartan joked. “Just because I’m so fond of that experience and the people I got to work with.”

The ABC series went off the air in May 2006 after five seasons, but Vartan revealed that he is still friends with all of them.

“When you spend 14 hours a day with someone for five years, they really become family,” Vartan reflected. “We really love each other… You bond with [them] in a way that you don’t in other ways… It was really hard when that show ended.”

“But I was glad to see those hours go,” the actor added. “Those were long hours.”

Vartan’s new show, The Arrangement, is set to premiere on March 5 at 10 p.m. on E!.

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