Michael Strahan, who hosted the 2015 Critics Choice Awards Sunday night, spent some time in costume as Angelina Jolie in character as Maleficent.

Michael Strahan As Maleficent

For one of his many bits of the night, Strahan came out on stage clad in a black robe and the elaborate Maleficent headdress, holding onto a massive staff. Strahan, who is set to appear in the Magic Mike sequel, seemed keen to get in on a Maleficent sequel as well.

“I’m putting the male into Maleficent,” he joked, before asking Jolie what she thought of his costume and if she’d be up for a sequel with him as a costar. When the camera panned to Jolie, who was nominated in the Best Director category for Unbroken – which was also nominated – she said, “I love it, I love it.”

Strahan, who is a cohost on Live! with Kelly and Michael and Fox NFL Sundays, had opened up the show with a short male strip show that made Michael Keaton uncomfortable. He also entertained the crowd by dressing up as The Hobbit series’ Gandalf and Zero from the Oscar-nominated The Grand Budapest Hotel.


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