Michael Lohan, father of Lindsay Lohan, and his wife Kate Major have lost custody of their two children.

Michael Lohan And Kate Major Lose Custody Of Children

The pair’s children were removed from their home last week when a video emerged of an abusive altercation that took place between the couple at their home in front of the youngsters. The news follows a court hearing in which a Florida judge awarded temporary guardianship of Landon, 2, and Logan, 10, to Michael’s mother, TMZ reports.

The judge also ordered Lohan and Major to enroll in anger management therapy.

Speaking to RadarOnline, Lohan said the altercation that led to the children’s removal and subsequent court hearing came after an allegedly drunken Kate showed up at his home Oct. 11, and waited as he and the kids returned from a water park.

“What’s wrong with this picture?” he said, before giving a lowdown on the events that led to the sentence. “Kate went to jail for DWI and Michael raised Landon on his own for 8 months. Kate gets out of jail, gives birth to Logan, relapsed on alcohol, assaults Michael, Kate goes to rehab, Michael raises Landon and Logan on his own and has full custody. The court makes Kate live separately and have supervised visitation. [Kate] gets out of rehab, relapses on alcohol and goes into detox.””

Lohan claims the boys were being adequately cared for up until their removal and believes the court is unfairly punishing him for his wife’s mistakes.

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