The Bengal tiger named Thriller, a 13-year-old, 375-pound female tiger that once belonged to King of Pop Michael Jackson, recently died at the Shambala Preserve, a Los Angeles-based wildlife preserve owned by former The Birds actress Tippi Hedren, 82.

Hedren's California preserve took in Jackson's two large felines, Thriller and her brother, Sabu, in 2006, when Jackson left his Neverland Ranch, where the animals had previously lived, reports the L.A. Times. Thriller and Sabu have remained at Shambala for the past six years, and Sabu is still in "very good health," according to Hedren.

"She was about as tough a tiger as we have known here," Hedren said of Jackson's Thriller. "She ruled over Sabu. She was the queen. We were fascinated by her dominance."

Despite the fact that Jackson was a known animal lover, Hedren also revealed that he never made any strides to look after the tigers after they were taken in by the Shambala Preserve — either in person or financially.

"It always amazed me that Michael never called to see how they were and never made any provisions for them financially," while he was alive, Hedren said, though the $1.8 million proceeds from the iconic jacket Jackson wore in the "Thriller" music video went to support its feline namesake and her brother Sabu in 2011, the paper reports.

Hedron also added that she was proud that Thriller and Sabu "both had a wonderful life."

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