Chris Martin, the Coldplay frontman, invited Michael J Fox to the stage to perform a few popular tracks from his classic 80s film Back to the Future — during a Coldplay concert in New Jersey on Sunday.

Michael J Fox & Chris Martin Perform ‘Back To The Future’ Tracks

Martin’s ten-year-old son Moses popped up on the big screen behind the band — in a video message — surprising the audience.

“I was wondering if you could play a song from both of our favorite movie, Back to the Future. I love you so much,” Moses said in the video.

Martin quickly granted his son’s wish and began to perform “Earth Angel,” before shocking the crowd once again by introducing Fox to the stage.

“Ladies and gentleman from the best movie of all time, please welcome Mr Michael J Fox,” Martin announced.

Fox came out to the stage with his electric guitar and joined Coldplay in performing “Earth Angel.”

Fox and Martin then launched into a rendition of “Johnny B. Goode” — the song that Fox’s character Marty McFly sings at Enchantment dance in the Back to the Future film.

“That’s our dream come true, thank you Michael. What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful man,” Martin said, while he hugged Fox after the pair finished their performance.

Fox took to Twitter a few days later to thank the band for a fun time.

“Thank you guys! It was a blast!” the actor tweeted.

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