Michael Close, 37, is accused of killing a 21-year-old women last summer over an argument over her dog’s feces appeared in court this week. Close pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity on Monday in Denver District Court.

Close was accused of killing Isabella Thallas on June 10, 2020, including first-degree murder and multiple counts of possessing a prohibited large-capacity gun magazine.

Thallas was walking her dog with her boyfriend Darian Simon when she was killed. Thallas’ dog was allegedly defecating near Close’s apartment window, which offended him. The argument that occurred resulted in Thallas losing her life. Simon was also shot but he survived.

Close used an AK-47 in the attack. The gun was registered to a Denver police officer, a friend of Close, but the weapon was allegedly stolen from the policeman.

Following Close’s hearing, the victim’s mother, Ana Thallas, called Close’s insanity plea “absolutely disgusting.”

Close will remain in custody until his pre-trial hearing on May 10, ahead of his September trial.

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