Micah Xavier Johnson was identified on Friday as the sniper who shot12 Dallas officers — killing five — during a “Black Lives Matter” protest.

Micah Xavier Johnson Is Revealed To Be Dallas Police Sniper

Shots were fired in downtown Dallas on Thursday night, during a protest over the recent police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

Johnson, 25, reportedly told a police negotiator he was targeting white officers because he was angry over the recent cop-involved killings.

Johnson, a former Army reservist from Mesquite, Texas, had no criminal record or ties to terrorist groups. However, Johnson’s Facebook page unveiled his support for numerous groups celebrating African American culture, including “Black Love Matters” and “The Black Kings & Queens Project.”

The sniper can be seen in photographs posing in army gear, while holding an assault rifle — he can also be seen making the black power salute.

Johnson’s neighbors told CNN he became more reclusive after returning from a tour in Afghanistan.

Johnson’s shooting spree ended in a standoff with Dallas police, when the officers tactically killed him using a bomb strapped to a police robot.

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