Mia Wasikowska upped her fashion game for the Tokyo premiere of Alice Through The Looking Glass Tuesday.

Mia Wasikowska’s Latest Look

Wasikowska hit the red carpet premiere of the Alice in Wonderland sequel in Tokyo in an embellished black cutout Cavalli Couture gown. She wore her short blond hair swept back and went with a neutral makeup look, save for a pop of color with a coral lip.

In Alice Through The Looking Glass, Wasikowska has reprised the titular role, while Anne Hathaway has returned to the part of the The White Queen, Mirana. Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter plays a larger part in the sequel, and Sacha Baron Cohen is making his debut as Time.

“I really thought if there was a sequel it would happen right away. But it’s been six years, so it’s been quite a long time,” said Wasikowska of returning to the Alice character. “However, I must say I loved getting the chance to revisit Alice as a grown-up,” she said to the Chicago Sun Times. “One of the best things was the chance to reunite with most of the same cast and creative team.”

Aside from the names of the actors involved in Alice Through the Looking Glass, the film is notable for the attention to detail in the costuming of its characters. For Wasikowska, the costumes helped give her context while shooting the film.

“I think it was especially important on a film like this, because you are in a bit of a void with so much of the film shot against green screens,” said Wasikowska. “The costumes are the first thing that give you a sense of where you are and the tone of the film. Even seeing the other characters, like seeing Sacha as Time and seeing how ridiculous that character was, it gives you quite a lot to work with as an actor.”

Alice Through the Looking Glass hit theaters in the U.S. back in May.

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