Mexican soccer star Alan Pulido was kidnapped on Saturday night after attending a party in his hometown, Ciudad Victoria, Mexico. Pulido was able to fight off his captor, escape and call the police on Monday.

Pulido, who plays for a Greek club as a striker, reportedly waited until one of his armed kidnappers wasn’t paying attention, then wrestled the kidnapper to the ground, stole his gun and shot him. Pulido then took his captor’s cell phone and made a run for it through a window. Once he was at a safe distance, he called the police, according to Proceso, a Mexican news outlet.

The 25-year-old took to Twitter on Tuesday to express his gratitude, in Spanish, to his fans and to thank God.

“Thank you very much to everyone for their prayers, they helped us a lot during this terrible experience that I would not wish on anyone,” said Pulido on Twitter. “I appreciate the support provided by federal and state authorities that allowed me to return safely to my family and friends. Thanks to the divine God who is always with us, and who gave us an opportunity for eternal life.”

The soccer star’s captors allegedly wanted a ransom for Pulido’s safe release.

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