Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski and Tracey Ullman all teamed up at the 30th Annual Artios Awards in New York City to sing a hilariously retooled medley from Into the Woods.

Meryl Streep Honors Rob Marshall

Baranski was the first on stage Thursday night and gave a formal introduction for Into the Woods director Rob Marshall, whom she was presenting with the New York Apple Award. After setting down the pages of her short speech, she sang, “Anyone else for the festival?” Coming from backstage Ullman sang out, “I want to go to the festival.”

Then, completely shocking everyone in attendance, Streep came out, chiming in, “Please let me go to the festival!” – and adding a little shimmy dance move for good measure.

“Sometimes people cast you just because you’re good. Other times they cast you, when no one thought they should,” Streep sang on. “But Meryl stands alone,” Baranski and Ullman added. “So good it makes you groan.”

Ullman carried on, “Directors make mistakes, casting kids of eight, sometimes that ain’t great, so you do retakes, you know what I’m taking about.”

“High in an airplane, I thought this is insane, commuting like this,” sang Baranski. “But Rob said I want you and I said I want you and it turned to bliss.”

Pulling from recent headlines, Streep sang, “I wish, I wish they cast a lot of girls. I wish the girls would play their age. I wish that age were Russell Crowe’s. I wish directors were all Rob. I wish a lot of things.”

The trio, having a blast on stage, continued on with a few more tailored verses before wrapping up the song. They were met with a swell of applause before introducing Marshall and presenting him with his award.

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