Country legend Merle Haggard has been hospitalized for a recurring bout of pneumonia.

Merle Haggard’s Pneumonia

Haggard is currently being treated and is recovering in a California hospital. Due to the state of his health, the 78-year-old musician is being forced to postpone his March concert tour dates, People reported. Doctors have suggested that Haggard suspend touring for at least a month to allow for his full recovery.

Last month, due to Haggard’s first bout with pneumonia, which had infected both lungs, he was forced to cancel a number of dates. “I’m really lucky to be alive,” he told Rolling Stone at the time. “It could have gone in another direction had I messed around a little more. I’m just hoping I’m fully able.”

Haggard went on to explain that getting back up on stage is part of his healing process.

“I always felt better after I’d work because of the exercise it gave to my lungs,” he said. “When I play, I feel better when I come off.”

Haggard battled lung cancer in 2008 and eventually recovered after undergoing surgery.

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