From offering advice on what to wear on the first date, to having a book published with different fashion styles — Bodhi, the ‘Menswear Dog,’ has been an internet sensation.


The husband-and-wife duo who created the Menswear Dog brand, graphic designer David Fung and fashion designer and photographer Yena Kim, first started dressing up their Shiba Inu and putting photos on Tubmlr “for giggles,” said Fung, in an interview with CNN.

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Two years down the line, the Menswear Dog Brand has expanded to more than just TumblrInstagram, and Facebook posts. On April 21, Fung and Kim released the book “Menswear Dog Presents the New Classics: Fresh Looks for the Modern Man.”

The book which was published by Artisan, is a guide for men on how to dress fashionable. The book does not only offer advice on how to look spiffy, but it also has advice on how to tie a tie.

“Hey, less flirting, more signing. Thanks to all those who came out to Bookends Bookstore tonight. Loved meeting all of you,” was captioned on Instagram with a photo of Bodhi wearing a grey blazer and a blue and red tie.

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