If anyone has ever wondered whether Melania Trump loves any foreign leaders, one meme strongly suggests Justin Trudeau may be on that list.

The 49-year-old Slovenian-American first lady and 47-year-old Canadian prime minister seemed unable to take their eyes off each other at one point during the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France over the weekend. Trudeau and Melania even seemed like they were about to kiss for a moment. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump seemed preoccupied with something else while standing right beside his wife.

Social media quickly lit up with dozens of memes and other jokes poking fun at Trudeau and Melania exchanging loving looks in Southwestern France. The infamous “distracted boyfriend” meme of a young man looking away from his girlfriend at another girl walking past him was used for many of the jokes. The hashtag “#MelaniaLovesTrudeau” rapidly spread on Twitter:

Given rumors of a frayed relationship between Melania and Donald Trump — as demonstrated by moments caught on camera where the first lady has rejected the president’s attempts to hold her hand by swatting his hand away — this instance also doesn’t mark the first time a member of the Trump family has been mocked for lovingly gazing at Trudeau, whom many people have agreed is one of the most physically attractive young leaders in the world. During the Canadian prime minister’s 2017 White House visit for a conference on women in the workforce, Ivanka Trump appeared to be ogling Trudeau in what also quickly became a viral meme.


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