High temperatures in Europe and around the world have been affecting plenty of places, and climate change causing glacial melt in Switzerland allowed a 50-year old crashed plane to finally be recovered.

According to Swiss authorities, the plane pieces recovered at a glacier in the Swiss Alps date back to a plane “which crashed at this location on June 30, 1968.” It was reported that the remains of three bodies, belonging to a teacher, medical officer and one of their sons from Zurich, were all found at the crash site too.

Heavy melting has caused danger to hiking trails in these glaciers, as rivers of runoff water can appear and once-steady glaciers can collapse entirely. Where the plane crash was situated at the Aletsch glacier, it was initially too remote to be recovered with technology available at the time. Recovery efforts will be underway soon.

Massive glaciers in the country have severely receded all over the region, and two other remains of dead hikers have been found in other areas of the Swiss Alps.

A similar situation has been unfolding stateside. Lake Mead, the huge drinking water reservoir serving much of the U.S. southwest has revealed four sets of human remains as water levels continue to lower.

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