Melissa Schuman, an actress and signer, has accused Backstreet Boy member Nick Carter of raping her when she was 18 years old. Today, Carter has issued a statement in response.


According to Schuman’s story, the two first chatted when she was working with her band, Dream. A phone call between the two musicians was arranged by her label, and the conversation between them was cordial and brief. Schuman was upfront about the fact she currently had a boyfriend.

They were both coincidentally cast in the same film a few years later, 2004’s The Hollow, when Carter violated her. She was single then, and she joined him and some friends for an evening at his “barely furnished apartment” in Santa Monica for a “casual hangout.” Later that night, Carter asked her if she wanted to come into his office so he could demo the music he’s been working on for her. Shortly thereafter, he brought her into the bathroom adjacent to his office.

Schuman detailed her entire account of the horrific event through a blog post she published on November 2. She warns that it contains graphic imagery. The post ends with the #MeToo hashtag. On November 21, Schuman expressed her gratitude on Twitter for all of the support she has received:

On November 22, Carter spoke out to both CNN and USAToday, expressing how he was “shocked and saddened by Ms. Schuman’s accusations.” His statement also adds how she did not imply their previous activities were not consensual. He continues, adding how they proceeded “to record a song and perform together,” and how he always supported her “both personally and professionally.” His statement ends by claiming this is the first time he’s heard her accusations.