Melissa McCarthy stars in a Super Bowl ad for Kia, playing herself as an eco-warrior, getting constant calls to save a different part of the environment that is under siege.


First, she gets a call in her car (of course a Kia) saying, “Hey Melissa, the whales need your help.”

“I love whales!” she exclaims, as we shift scenes to McCarthy driving a small boat out to the ocean, only to be kicked up by a whale’s tail and thrown back toward the ocean liner.

The next call: “Hey Melissa, now the trees need you.” We see McCarthy strapped to the top of a thick trunked tree in the forest, kissing the bark. A lumberjack goes ahead with his plan and chops the tree down with McCarthy still clinging on. She falls, yelling.

“The ice caps are in trouble.” McCarthy is on a sheet of ice and puts down a sign that says, “Save the Ice Caps.” As she does so, she breaks the ice, and falls down into the ocean.

McCarthy’s enthusiasm is dwindling by the final plea. “Hey Melissa, now the rhinos need saving.” “Rhinos?” she asks, nervously. Switch to her running away from a rhino, who catches her by her clothes in its horn.

The commercial ends with McCarthy driving her Kia down a scenic route, the phone ringing, and the actress yelling, “Come on!”

“It’s hard to be an eco-warrior,” the spokesman reads. “But it’s easy to drive like one.” He introduces the Kia Nero, a fuel-efficient hybrid car.

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