On last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Melissa McCarthy hosted while rapper Kanye West took the stage to perform. The comedian decided to sing her opening monologue, shined with her horror movie screening skit and took a amusing bus ride. Meanwhile, West participated in a rap battle with Kyle Mooney.


In McCarthy’s cold opening, she performed a song about being able to host the show five times, complete with “5X” gold sunglasses, and Kenan Thompson dressed as a gold five, who proclaimed she only hosted the show four times because the 40th anniversary show didn’t count. They decided to call it her “4 1/16” time hosting.


McCarthy was playing the role of a horror movie goer who was filmed while watching. McCarthy’s reaction was over the top but proved one of the best skits on last night’s show. The actress spit out soda, threw up and urinated herself.


McCarthy played a clueless white woman sitting next to Leslie Jones. McCarthy immediately began discussing popular black movies such as Roots and suggesting they remake it with an all-white cast. Jones, unable to stand the women anymore, begs the bus driver to pull over but the skit starts a riff on Speed with the revelation that there’s a bomb on the bus.


Mooney proclaimed his desire to rap battle against rapper, Kanye West. The comedian was dressed in a head to toe back tie with his hair slicked back as he ambushed the rapper. The rapper eventually shut the comedian down with his rhymes.

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