Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, the former best friend and adviser to First Lady Melania Trump, continues to share intimate details about the Trump family.

Wolkoff’s new memoir, Melania and Me, has stirred much controversy due to its no-holds-barred  look at her personal relationship with the First Lady. In an interview with CNN, Wolkoff explained how closely aligned Melania was with Donald Trump‘s thinking and policies, claiming she “will not step out of line” and usually offers her full support. A passage from her book that describes such a sentiment, as well as Wolkof’s deteriorating opinion of the First Lady, reads, “Her whole motif of ‘boys will be boys’ and ‘this is just the way it is’ and you can’t change people and why do you care so much — she was telling me over and over who she is, but I wanted to believe otherwise.”

The memoir does much to describe Melania’s rocky relationship with the president’s daughter by another marriage, Ivanka Trumpwhom Wolkoff partially blames for the country’s current state. According to Wolkoff, Ivanka had an amicable relationship with Melania and would often approach her for her advice. However, the relationship soured when Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, rose to prominent positions within the administration. Their influence, in Wolkoff’s eyes, hurt Trump’s administration. Wolkoff writes, “As bad as Donald is and as crazy as he is, I think that things would have been better if the two of them were not there. I know they would be, because I know some of the things that they’ve done.”

After recently revealing she had tape-recorded audio conversations with Melania, current Chief of Staff Stephanie Grisham accused Wolkoff of victimizing herself “while belittling and blaming everyone she worked with.”

Wolkoff denied these allegations saying that the purpose of her book is to serve as a warning. “Most people in the world don’t think that Trump would screw them over. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Wake up America! You’re next,” Wollcoff writes.

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