Melania Trump’s sister, Ines Knauss, has a private Twitter account where she has seemingly reacted to her brother-in-law’s political career – often unfavorably.

Melania’s family is usually private, avoiding the spotlight that Trump’s presidency put them under. However, the 53-year-old Knauss has been active on Twitter, posting and liking tweets critical of the 45th president.

Journalist Ashley Feinberg, who found Knauss’ account, also previously unearthed the secret social media accounts of fired FBI Director James Comey and Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah).

Knauss liked tweets that criticized Trump’s impeachment attorney, as well as one that poked fun at the former president’s Twitter account being suspended after the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6.

Though the account is private, Feinberg was “able to get a look at her feed through a third party.”

The existence of Knauss’ private Twitter account was noted before in Mary Jordan’s 2020 book The Art of Her Deal, which details Melania’s journey toward becoming First Lady.

Melania’s sister has shared supportive tweets, as well. She offered her sister and brother-in-law well wishes after they tested positive for COVID-19 in October. Ines’ tweets show that she attempts to support Melania; she liked one that read, “We should all congratulate Melania Trump for her successful campaign against cyberbullying.”

The relationship between Ines and her brother-in-law is less clear, though. Along with her history of liking critical tweets, on January 6 she posted a tweet of a conversation with her father, Viktor, which roughly translates to, “Are you watching CNN?” Viktor responded with a heart emoji, saying that he was in fact watching the network.

Family is reportedly incredibly important to Melania. Ines was Melania’s maid of honor at her wedding to Trump.

The former First Lady’s parents live with their daughter and grandson Baron now.

Melania’s sister and parents are reportedly upset about the fallout from the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and the former president’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election.

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