Melania Trump is under investigation for violating fund-raising laws in relation to a “Tulips and Topiaries” high tea event in Naples, Florida that she is selling tickets for, set for April 9, 2022.

Trump said that the profits of these tickets, which cost either $3,000 for one patron or $50,000 for a table for ten, will benefit an initiative called “Fostering the Future.” This is part of her “Be Best” initiative and will provide computer science scholarships to young people who have been in foster care. The former first lady also said that a similar initiative would share the proceeds of her first NFT auctions.

According to a spokeswoman for the Florida Consumer Services Division, Erin Moffat, Trump may be in violation of state law if she has been raising money for a charitable organization that hasn’t been officially registered in the state.

“Consumer services Division is currently investigating whether this event involves an entity operating in violation of Chapter 496, Florida Statutes,” Moffet told the New York Times. Chapter 496 is the Florida state law that requires that charities register before being able to make money.

Trump refuted the initial reports in a tweet Saturday, calling the stories “dishonest reporting” and claiming to be working with a fund called the Bradley Impact Fund to determine which charities will receive donations.

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