It appeared that Melania Trump slapped away husband Donald Trump‘s hand while on an official visit in Tel Aviv.


The Trumps took off on Friday for the president’s first international trip, making stops in Saudi Arabia, Italy, Belgium, and Israel. After being greeted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials, the group walked from Air Force One down a red carpet, where it appeared that Donald reached for his wife’s hand, only to have her slap it away.

The moment was brief, but it has the Internet talking about what the scenario could have been.

While Netanyahu and his wife held hands, Melania straggled back as she usually does, and the president stuck his hand back. Some people assessed that perhaps he was trying to hurry her to his side rather than hold her hand, but in any event, Melania made a quick motion with her hand, appearing to slap Donald’s away.

Many Americans took to Twitter to give their two cents on the matter. “Most of America feels the same, Melania,” one wrote. “We are all Melania,” said another.

Others thought that perhaps Melania was just annoyed with Donald telling her to hurry up, and others still deemed this as another thing that is taken out of context and given meaning without reason. But most seem to agree that it appeared Melania was declining Donald’s hand-holding offer. Given that Melania currently lives in New York while her husband is in the White House, the trip is possibly the most she has seen her husband in quite some time.

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