Though rare for First Lady Melania Trump to issue a statement at all, she took the time to speak out about the recent photo of comedian Kathy Griffin holding a fake severed head of Donald Trump.


Griffin had celebrity photographer Tyler Shields do a shoot of her holding a bloody prop reminiscent of the president’s decapitated head. Politicians and pundits on both sides of the aisle responded negatively toward the stunt, and Griffin lost her contract with CNN as a result.

The president responded with a tweet of disgust, saying his son Barron and his other children had a difficult time digesting the image. But Melania took a stronger, but similarly short, approach. “As a mother, a wife, and a human being, that photo is very disturbing,” she said. “When you consider some of the atrocities happening in the world today, a photo opportunity like this is simply wrong and makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it.”

It is rare for Melania to join her husband on the Twitter battlegrounds, but she does take pride in her name and her family. While she stayed out of the political fray during the election and aftermath, Melania threatened to sue a YouTuber who posted a video speculating 11-year-old Barron had autism.

Over the years, it has been the first ladies who stand up for the sanctity of their family names. Michelle Obama warned against producing Beanie Babies in the likeness of her daughters, Laura Bush defended her kids when they were caught underage drinking, and Hillary Clinton let Saturday Night Live know she was upset when they did a sketch about her daughter Chelsea wearing braces.

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