First Lady Melania Trump posted a picture of herself donning a cloth face mask on Twitter. She is the first member of the Trump family to publically wear a mask. When the guidelines were voluntary, President Donald Trump said he was “choosing not to” wear a mask.


Recently the CDC has said that everyone should be wearing a mask. “As the CDC studies the spread of #COVID-19, they recommend people wear cloth face coverings in public settings when social distancing can be hard to do,” the first lady posted on her social media accounts. “Remember, this does NOT replace the importance of social distancing.”


The tweet came after Melania posted a video of herself holding the mask in her hands, stating the the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. After the updated CDC guidelines, the first lady posted for the first time on her Twitter account the importance of wearing a mask.


“I ask that everyone take social distancing and wearing a face mask/ face covering seriously,” she wrote on Twitter last Sunday Sunday.

On Sunday, the President was asked during a press briefing about the first lady’s support of face coverings, as he has several times stated he would not wear one.

“It’s good, no, she feels that way,” said the President. “She likes the idea of wearing it, yeah, she does. A lot of people do. Again, it’s a recommendation, and I understand that recommendation, and I’m OK with it.”