On Tuesday, First Lady Melania Trump helped break ground on the new White House tennis pavilion project following the of the impeachment inquiry into her husband, President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

In a tweet the first lady shared a picture wearing her trademark stiletto heels, while holding a shovel, breaking ground by the old White House tennis court, “exciting to break ground on the new tennis pavilion project at the White House today. Thank you to all who will help in making this legacy piece possible for future first families to gather at and enjoy for years to come.”

Few details about the project were announced, including its size, cost and timeline for completion. The building proposal states the pavilion will “provide a unifying element for the tennis court, the Children’s Garden and the Kitchen Garden.” According to the Melania Trump’s office, the tennis pavilion will be funded by private donors.


The former President Barack Obama was an avid basketball player, and he turned that same court into one suitable for basketball.

On the other hand, Trump had been a regular spectator at the annual U.S. Open tennis tournament held in his native New York, but he has not attended since taking office.