Although it’s fairly normal for U.S. citizens to keep the citizenship of their country of origin, it’s unheard of for a First Lady or a First Son. However, according to journalist Mary Jordan’s book The Art of Her Deal, Melania Trump and Barron Trump have kept their dual citizenship of the U.S. and Slovenia.

The news raised some eyebrows, considering the stance Melania held during her husband’s 2016 campaign, stating that obtaining her U.S. citizenship was a heroic act and adding, “As an immigrant, no one values the freedom and opportunity in America more than me,” according to Jordan.

Barron’s dual citizenship is especially surprising because Melania would have had to file the paperwork for it, since her son’s Slovenian citizenship was not automatic. Both Barron and Melania also keep Slovenian passports, even though the U.S. only allows a person to present their U.S. passport when traveling internationally.

It’s well-known that, after getting her own citizenship as well as her son’s, Melania secured citizenship for the rest of her family using the same “chain migration” methods President Donald Trump has frequently criticized. Though the internet is riddled with speculation, it’s unclear what the First Lady’s intentions are behind the moves.


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