Mehcad Brooks, the actor and former Calvin Klein model, stars in the USA Network drama Necessary Roughness. In the show's season finale airing Wednesday, the quarterback of Brooks' team wrestles with coming out as gay.

Brooks, for one, believes it's time for gay NFL players to come out. “I know a couple of guys who are in the league and they’ll talk about having a gay teammate who’s open to them in the locker room,” Brooks revealed exclusively to Uinterview. “There’s just nobody out in public yet.”

The NFL has yet to have a player come out as gay who is still playing. No doubt comments like ones the 49ers' Chris Culliver made prior to the Super Bowl only serve to keep gay athletes in the closet. But, Brooks thinks the day is around the corner when the plot line on Necessary Roughness becomes a reality in the NFL. “You’re going to have people who are angry, but screw them because that’s your truth, that’s your life. You have to live it fully,” Brooks told Uinterview. "Honestly, I think that is the way the country is today, compared to four or five years ago. Ten years ago, I don’t think that this person would have so much support, but I think today they would be a hero.”

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