Meghan McCain is the newest panelist on The View and broke down in tears as they discussed her father John McCain‘s brain tumor diagnosis.


McCain, 32,  joined the ABC show as the conservative host, replacing Jedediah Bila, who was recently let go. McCain first thanked her co-hosts for welcoming her onto their panel and for embracing a conservative viewpoint. She got emotional quickly, though, when the conversation turned to her dad.

The senator, 81, is fighting a glioblastoma, a cancerous tumor in his brain. “I spent the last 3 months, while he was getting radiation and chemotherapy – I can’t believe I’m freaking crying already,” she began. “When you hear ‘cancer’ a nuclear explosion goes off in your life, no matter who you are. And I didn’t realize, because you can’t realize until you experience it, how intense and disruptive and scary and hopeless and chaotic you feel all day long.”

McCain hadn’t discussed her father’s diagnosis in public until the show. She held the hand of co-host Sunny Hostin as she spoke. She then thanked the other panelists for letting her speak and for spreading awareness of brain cancer.

Her father, for his part, tweeted out a video of his daughter and words of encouragement. “Congratulations @MeghanMcCain on your first day on @TheView. Our family couldn’t be prouder of all that you continue to accomplish,” he wrote.

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