Megan Thee Stallion recalled the 2020 shooting incident in which she claims Tory Lanez shot her in the foot.

The “Savage” rapper said her mother was a rapper as well and she gained an interest in the art form following her to the recording studio as a child. “I wrote my first rap when I was seven,” after listening to her mom, and continued developing that identity even into college, she told CBS This Morning. “When I got to college, everybody just knew me as ‘The Stallion’ and she raps, and I was like ‘Okay, this is my identity, yes! This is what we wanted.'”

The shooting, which occurred on July 12, 2020, while she was trying to leave a party at Kylie Jenner‘s house, happened just as Megan Thee Stallion, born Megan Pete, was experiencing a huge increase in attention due to “Savage” going viral on TikTok.

She said the situation began as a simple disagreement while she and Lanez were with a group of friends in a car. “It was an argument because I was ready to go, and everybody else wasn’t ready to go.” As the argument escalated, she said she tried to leave the car once but her friends convinced her to return. After arguments continued getting worse and she decided to exit the car again, she said, “All I hear is this man screaming, ‘Dance bitch!’ and he started shooting.”

“I didn’t even want to move,” Megan recalled emotionally. “I was really scared because I had never been shot at before.” After she discovered the wounds on her feet, Megan claimed that Lanez told her, “I’m so sorry, please don’t tell nobody I’ll give y’all a million dollars.”

She also mentioned said she was terrified about police being called because of the recent death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer. “I didn’t want them to kill any of us, or shoot any of us, so I just said ‘I stepped on glass.’ … Even though this person just did this to me, my first reaction was still to try to save us.”

After she was hospitalized, it was eventually revealed to police that her wounds were from bullets. A report from the hospital also disclosed that they weren’t able to remove the smallest bullet fragments, so some remain in the rapper’s feet today.

“We were not dating, we were really close. We were friends, we hung out like every day,” Megan said of her relationship with Lanez before the shooting. “His mom passed too, so I felt like we were bonding over that.” She firmly denied that she had any sort of sexual relationship with Lanez as he has suggested in the past.

“I’m not as trusting as I used to be,” Megan admitted after sharing the emotional story. “I feel like every time I’m talking, I’m on the verge of tears, and I don’t want to have to explain to strangers while I’m crying.”

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