Megan Mullally, 60, has starred on Will & Grace as Karen Walker for the past 21 years. Walker’s quirky, easy-going character was definitely a fan favorite, as she comically acted alongside Debra Messing, Eric McCormack and Sean Hayes. She brought much of the comedy to the show in her years, but now it has been reported that she will not be in all of the hit series’ final season.

Mullally has taken a temporary leave of absence from the show and will not be seen in two of the final 18 episodes. There has been speculation on why the two-time Emmy winner has decided to leave, which was only heightened when fans discovered she and Messing unfollowed each other on Instagram earlier this year. Mullally has further unfollowed Hayes as well.

Mullally’s representatives have refused to comment about the situation, but according to one source interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, “tensions were building for a while” within the cast and the tension became the “determining factor in deciding to end the series after its current season.”

When asked about a potential feud between the comedienne and her costars, McCormack assured that the rumors were crazy. “The four of us get along like a house on fire, we always have,” he said.


The show has scheduled to have a few more high-profile stars make a guest appearance in last season, including Ryan Phillippe, Billie Lourd and Demi Lovato.

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