Ever wondered what really gets your dog excited? The question has risen in any pet owner’s mind at some time but today Nikon solved the dilemma.


Meet Grizzle, the world’s first “phodographer.” By hooking up a camera to their new “Heartography” technology, Nikon has created a camera which shoots whenever the photographer’s heart rate spikes above a certain rate, set by the user. To demonstrate their new tech, Nikon recruited the young border collie and strapped Grizzle into the elastic conductive harness designed to monitor photographer’s heartbeats.

The resulting video shows exactly what gets Grizzle going but the photos aren’t exactly shocking: cats, food, other dogs and parks seem to really touch something within Grizzle. The technology isn’t commercially available yet but look for it in the near future from Nikon Asia. You can find out more about Heartography on Nikon’s website and you can check out a few selected stills from Grizzle’s photo shoot below.


One of Grizzle’s less famous buddies gets in his modeling shots for the day.


Maybe the most heart warming of all the photo’s was when Grizzle got excited by seeing his owner’s sandals.


The “Heartography” harness uses conductive elastic to monitor heart rates of whoever is wearing the harness and capture the scene whenever their heart rate raises above a certain level.



The device isn’t commercially available yet, but keep an eye on Nikon to release it in the near future.

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