Meek Mill finally responded to Drake‘s two diss tracks on Thursday with the release of “Wanna Know.”

Meek Mill Disses Drake With “Wanna Know”

The feud between Drake and Meek Mill heated up this week, after Drake released two diss tracks – “Charged Up” and “Back to Back.” Meek Mill finally answered him on Thursday, dropping his own diss track titled “Wanna Know.” The song had a pretty bad critical reception, with lots of people calling the rapper “Weak Mill,” making fun of the odd song’s structure or simply bashing Meek Mill about his lyrics.

With a 30-seconds snippet, the song includes a supposed evidence of the fact Drake used Quentin Miller, a rapper from Atlanta, as a ghostwriter. But what struck people the most was a line at the end of the song: “You let Tip homie piss on you in a movie theater n—a, we ain’t forget.” Wait, did someone really pissed on Drake? According to Julia Beverly, a rappers’ booker, yes, someone did.

Drake, almost immediately, posted a response on his Instagram.


Instagram / @champagnepapi

Instagram / @champagnepapi

Drake vs Meek Mill Feud

The rap beef began a few days after Meek Mill released his album Dreams Worth More Than Money, in which Drake was featured on “R.I.C.O.” Meek Mill accused Drake on Twitter of having Quentin Miller ghostwrite his verse.

Following this assertion, Drake’s hometown of Toronto stood up for the raper on Twitter, with Toronto’s City Counciler Norm Kelly tweeting that Meek Mill was “no longer welcome in Toronto.” Meek answered him with insolence, and Kelly explained that he’s allowed to come — he won’t just be welcomed.

Meek managed to get to Canada for his show, though he apparently experienced some border issues and was booed off stage. A few days later, on July 25, Drake unveiled the first diss track, “Charged Up,” rapping that he’s “honored” Meek Mill thinks “this is staged.”

Meek called this song “baby-lotion soft” on Twitter, but didn’t respond with a song then. Instead, Meek Mill dropped his new music video for “All Eyes On You,” which features his girlfriend, and rumored ex of Drake, Nicki Minaj.

The day after Meek Mill had released his video, on July 29, Drake dropped “Back To Back,” in which he refers to Minaj’s tour. “You love her then you gotta get a world tour/Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?/I know that you gotta be a thug for her/This ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more.” 

Drake, who usually doesn’t even take the time to answer diss tracks, also rapped that he “might be mad” that he “gave this attention” when he looks back. He also said that Meek Mill’s is going to make him “buy bottles for Charlamagne” — a thing that Drake actually did. Charlamagne Tha God, radio personality of Hot 97 and known for being one of Drake’s worst enemies, changed sides by naming Funkmaster Flex his “donkey of the day” since he sided with Meek Mill. And as Drake says, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” 

“You going to make me buy bottles for Charlamagne” Drake living his raps. A video posted by @cthagod on

To make the diss sting that much more, Drake dropped “Back To Back” on the same day as a baseball game between Drake’s hometown team, the Toronto Blue Jays, and Meek Mill’s hometown team, the Philadelphia Phillies. He made another sports allusion with the song’s cover, showing Joe Carter of the Blue Jays after he hit the home run that made his team win the 1993 World Series against the Phillies.

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