A new trailer for Me Before You features Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke as Louisa Clark and Hunger GamesSam Claflin as Will Traynor.

Jojo Moyes‘ novel tells the tale of a woman, Lousia, hired to take care of a young quadriplegic, Will. The story develops as the two fall in love and Lousia fights to pull Will out of his depression.

Director Thea Sharrock captures the essence of Moyes’ book with help of the author who wrote the screenplay.

Clarke says she can relate to her character in the film. “It’s funny with these strong female roles,” Clarke told USA TODAY. “I’m really quite clumsy, say the wrong thing all the time and am awkward at the best of times. My friends and family have seen this other person every single day.”

The trailer captures the readers’ favorite parts of the novel including their first date and a dancing scene that involves the wheelchair.

The movie is set for theaters this summer.

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