The leads of Maze Runner: The Death Cure attended a fan screening of the new film on Thursday.


The third film in the Maze Runner trilogy hits theaters on Jan. 26, but offered a special pre-premiere screening to fans of the franchise. Ki Hong LeeDexter DardenDylan O’BrienKaya ScodelarioThomas Brodie-Sangster and Will Poulter were at the event in Park City, Utah.

“About Last night 😎….#mazerunner #deathcure #ootd #live #laugh #love #whosready,” wrote Darden in an Instagram post of his walk down the red carpet.

The actors recently shared in an interview that the opening scene of The Death Cure is epic and exciting, and a great start to the end of the series. “It’s really, especially with the gap between the last movie and this one, it’s just a great way to throw everyone back into the world,” O’Brien told PopCulture. “Filmmaking, too – it’s a tremendous sequence. I’m really proud of the opening sequence. It’s long. It’s like 14 minutes. It reminds me of Indiana Jones. It shows you what the characters have been up to. It does it all in that opening 20 minutes.”

Darden chimed in as well, talking about his role in the upcoming movie. “For me, it was just so exciting because it’s the final chapter so [director] Was [Ball] really wanted to start off with a bang,” the actor said. “We want to go save our homie. We want to go save our brother. I think it just shows the teamwork and the unity of us as Gladers and what Thomas and Vincent had planned and how they want to bring it to action. For me, it’s like, you always want to be in the badass action sequence, right? When the movies starting off. So, it was awesome for me.”

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