Christmas is a time of joy and cheer and often a family gather. But for some, it isn’t. Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik isn’t doing so well at the moment.

In November, the 42-year old went through a nasty split that left her single again and she spent Thanksgiving with her ex-husband, their two sons, and others. The couple divorced in 2012. That night might sound uncomfortable to most but Bialik described it as “an enjoyable evening.” The former Blossom star talked about her most recent breakup. “If ever there were a story that should have ended not like this, I feel this might be it,” she wrote. “But he has his own will and much as I wish I could control his will, I cannot. And so here we are.”

Then, on Christmas Eve things appeared to get worse for Bialik. On another post, she wrote: “The government is in a shutdown, it’s Christmas Eve day, I’m newly single and not doing so well to be quite honest. But the most pressing issue right now is that my cats—after 2 years together—have started a dominance war that involves urine and feces. Long story short my bed is not able to be slept in and I’m sleeping on my couch.”



However, she appeared to have cheered up on Tuesday. On a third post, this time a selfie, she wrote, “Better this morning. Couch more comfortable with blanket as substitute sheet. New earrings by my friend’s daughter Iris cheered me up. Cat on meds for kidney infection and hopefully he will be better soon. 🐈 Heading to a 🍿 movie and Chinese food. Like we do. #whatjewsdoonxmas …Merry 🎄 Christmas, everyone!”

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