Rachel Dolezal, the Spokane woman who was forced to step down from her post as president of the local NAACP chapter after being outed as ‘white’ by her parents, has finally made her way into that most sacred of late night institutions – the elite group of people mocked by late night comedians.

Maya Rudolph, a veteran of Saturday Night Live and Hollywood comedy flicks alike, rose in prominence for her versatile portrayal of wide ranging ethnicities and accents. Last night on Late Night with Seth Myers, Rudolph busted out a new wig and gave Myers her best impression of the easily flustered civil rights activist.

Dolezal’s story has been a divisive one – detractors of the Washington State native claim she has done nothing short of cultural appropriation while supporters point out that her chosen racial identity is built not on biology or ancestry but choice. Dozelal also made the choice to attend historically black college Howard University. While studying for her MFA in Fine Art, she allegedly plagiarized the work of an 1840 painter.



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