Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious in a bathtub last weekend by her longtime boyfriend Nick Gordon and friend Max Lomas, who allegedly has a crime-riddled past.

Who Is Max Lomas?

Not long after Lomas was identified as the friend who found Kristina in her home, reports came out about Lomas’ criminal history. On Jan. 15, 2015, just two weeks before he found Kristina, Lomas, 24, had been arrested and charged with weapons offenses, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and possession of a prescription anxiety medication. He has pleaded not guilty.

Lomas, in 2011, was charged with consumption of alcohol on a wildlife management area, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession of a firearm in the commission of a crime.” In 2012, he was arrested for violating his probation.

Lomas’ attorney Philip Holloway has emphatically stated that his client’s January arrest is not in any way related to Kristina or her current condition. “It’s been reported that his arrest in the middle of January might somehow be related; there is nothing further from the truth,” Holloway told Us Weekly.

“Mr. Lomas has not been accused of anything in connection with Bobbi Kristina Brown’s injuries and is a witness in this investigation,” he added in a press release. “Mr. Lomas’ main focus is on Ms. Brown’s full recovery, and he continues to pray for her and her entire family throughout this tragedy.”

Since Lomas was the one to pull Kristina out of the water, dial 911 and begin CPR, he has been questioned by police and remains in the Atlanta area.

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