Matthew Santoro, a Canadian YouTube personality, has created a list of 10 dirty jokes found in classic Disney films.

The list includes the titles of childhood favorites both new and old such as Aladdin, Inside Out, Bambi, The Recusers, The Emperors New Groove, the Cars and Toys Story series and Disney’s latest hit Frozen.

In a comedic tone, Santoro brings to light subtle references to boners, hookers and other sexual innuendo’s – some causing film recalls and editing.

Santoro began the list with what he said to be “arguably one of the most disturbing sexual references in a Disney movie.” He explained how the movie Cars 2 slipped in a scene alluding to one part of the “unholy trinity of internet pictures,” a lemon party. A lemon party being a threesome between elderly gay men.

Known for this style of informative entertainment videos, sharing facts through lists, Santoro is approaching 5.5 million subscribers and nearly 700 million views on his main channel.

Along with this following Santoro has a personal video blog channel.

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