Matthew Muller, 38, was arrested in connection with the Gone Girl-style kidnapping of Denise Huskins in Vallejo, Calif., on March 23.

FBI Arrests Matthew Muller In Connection To ‘Gone Girl’ Kidnapping

Huskins’ boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, alleged that Huskins was taken from their home in the middle of the night by two individuals who drugged and bound him, took Huskins and left a ransom note that demanded he pay $8,500 for Huskins’ return.

After only missing for two days, Huskins returned, unharmed, in her hometown of Huntington Beach, hours before the ransom was due. Following her reappearance, the Vallego Police alleged that the kidnapping was a hoax, and stated in a press conference that there was no evidence to support the couple’s tale. However, Huskins and Quinn remained adamant that the kidnapping did indeed take place.

Authorities first connected Muller, who is a Harvard-educated lawyer and former Marine, to the Vallejo kidnapping after he was was taken into custody for a separate home invasion last month in Dublin, Calif. Similarities between the two invasions came up, and a search for a stolen car showed that Muller was in possession of items previously owned by Huskins and Quinn including a laptop and a water gun with a flashlight and laser pointer.

The FBI eventually stepped in and began investigating Muller in connection with the Vallejo case after coming across these items and issued a warrant for his arrest.

Huskins and Quinn called a news conference in Vallejo on Monday, demanding an apology and “real action” from the Vallejo Police Department. Quinn’s lawyer, Daniel Russo, said that he feels sorry for other who were victimized by Muller. “Our real concern is protecting them. If [authorities had] followed up [with Quinn and Huskins], those people in Dublin who were subject to a home invasion, that never would have happened,” Russo said.

Vallejo police have not commented on the case.

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