After the Reality stars Glee‘s Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch, and Scrubs‘ Sarah Chalke, and follows Scottie, a contestant on Young Bucks, a reality show similar to The Bachelorette, who returns home after his father passes away.

He is reunited with his sister, who becomes bitter when they discover their father has left the bulk of their inheritance to her brother.

“Am I hearing this right?” she asks. “I nursed my dad through chemo through the very, very end. Now my brother is being rewarded for being the absent jerk-off on a reality television show?”

The director, David Anderson, got the idea for the film after his own father died of leukemia in 2010, and he found himself watching episodes of The Bachelorette through his grief. He decided to tell his story through Scottie, who navigates through both the reality TV world and the real world.

Morrison explains what got him interested in the role in the first place, and how he tried to represent a reality show contestant. “When I was in Hairspray on Broadway, Trista and Ryan Sutter visited the production. It was right after their final episode [of The Bachelorette] aired, and they just seemed so down to earth, an incredible couple,” he recounted. “That was when, I assume, the show was fresh and truly about finding a connection with someone. But I think most people who go on these shows have to be a little lost and in search of some fulfillment. That’s the attitude and naïveté I brought into the character of Scottie.”

The producers were in awe of the chemistry between Lynch and Morrison, who previously played high school foes on Glee. “Jane and Matthew have a chemistry that’s sweetly sibling,” the filmmaker says. “I told them to not worry about the lines, they know what we need to communicate and we just let the camera roll.”

“I never had a choice,” Kate yells at her brother when the tensions come to a head in the exclusive clip below. “Oh, so you’re playing the martyr now?” Scottie asks. “Oh martyr? Is that what you call someone who cared round the clock for our dying father?” She asks. “I put my life on hold, my career, and it didn’t do s–t. He’s dead and now I’ve gotta deal with your s–t and Fitz’s s–t, and my own dumb f–ked up s–t.”

“Nothing here is gonna change who he was, or who you think he was,” Scottie replies. “End of story.”

After the Reality is now available on iTunes and VOD platforms.

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