Looks like even Jason Bourne is no match for the fury of a pregnant woman. Matt Damon confesses that wife Luciana Barroso releases her third trimester tension by using him for punching practice.

"She’s completely over me and over being pregnant," he joked with People at the premiere of his new movie Hereafter. "I’m just dodging punches right now from my wife. That means I have to work on my defense and I never know when a left hook or a right cross is going to come." 

Despite her violent tendencies, Damon, 39, is happy to support Barroso through these last months of pregnancy. The two already have three daughters, but Damon appreciates her effort to fill their home. “She’s been pregnant basically for more than half of the last five years and she’s been nursing the other half so I’ve definitely asked about as much as I can from my wife,” he said. “Now I’m all hers!” –AMY LEE


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